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The iconic two-piece is no longer exclusive to a working environment; our luxurious suits are for women with endless options. Adding a Tom Fox suit to your wardrobe is sure to make a style statement.

At Tom Fox, it’s more than just a suit – you are investing in a garment that is created to your exact size and figuration. We offer an excellent selection of high-quality cloths to choose from and linings to compliment. The comfort of our well-fitted suits is unsurpassed, providing you with the confidence every woman should have.

You are welcome to pop into the shop at any time to see what we do and how we do it. Katie is the ‘Tom Fox fashion queen’ and is in the shop on Thursdays (and very occasionally Saturdays), so it is worth giving her a call first. Katie can run through the style and design of your suit and then make an appointment for you to be measured by Philip (who does all our measuring – men and women).